Legal Challenges

We are currently involved in a couple of legal actions, challenging the Government's obsession with new roads, which drive up traffic and emissions. We're also supporting a third challenge about Stonehenge.

Our two actions are quite distinct, yet connected.

RIS2 legal challenge: we're challenging the Government's approval of its £27 billion, second Road Investment Strategy (RIS2) on climate grounds. This is how the Government wishes to see the strategic roads network in England develop over the next five years. This was our first legal challenge and we hope to be in court by the summer but the Government has tried every trick in the book to delay the case.

National Policy Statement legal challenge: we're challenging the Government's refusal to review the national policy that governs planning approval for new roads (National Policy Statement for National Networks). Currently it doesn't allow decision makers to seriously consider climate change.  It is also out of date regarding air pollution, natural capital (biodiversity) and design. We filed our claim in December and are currently fundraising to be able to take this case to court.

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National Policy Statement

We're particularly grateful for everyone who has contributed towards our legal costs via our two CrowdJustice pages and to WeHaveThePOWER and CPRE, the Countryside Charity, for helping fund the background research and work needed to bring these cases to court.