Wales, Scotland & the regions

While most transport funding ultimately comes from the UK Government, in Wales and Scotland the majority of transport powers have been devolved. National governments are responsible for road building and many other aspects of transport. However, Wales, for example, does not have total control over the railways and is reliant on the UK Government to be a willing partner. This can be problematic when the UK Government does not support the priorities of the developed administrations.

Both Wales and Scotland have taken a more progressive and forward looking approach to transport. They realise that more action needs to be taken on transport to address climate change and have opted for a series of targets to reduce car traffic and increase modal shift. Wales has gone further still to pause all roadbuilding while it carries out an independent review to make sure any infrastructure that is progressed will help deliver the Welsh Government's priorities both on climate change and more widely.

In England, where there is recognition that we need to use our cars less, we are still a long way from delivering policies and infrastructure to achieve modal shift and traffic reduction. More progressive work is being carried out in the regions but most are still keen on new roads, often in denial as to what this will mean for carbon emissions.

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