Help us help others

We support local communities fighting damaging road schemes, bus, rail and active travel cuts, car-based developments, or promoting positive alternatives to driving, by:

  1. Challenging national roads policy and funding - we've launched four legal challenges on this and helped with the successful challenge on Stonehenge
  2. Providing free advice to individuals and community groups on how to campaign, raise funds and lobby politicians
  3. Supporting regional and national networks for people to share information and coordinate action

If you value what we do please consider setting up a regular, monthly donation. You can do this in three ways:

  1. Standing Order is best for us as we currently pay no fees for this
  2. GoCardless is simpler but charges us 1% + 20p +VAT per transaction (but is cheaper than PayPal)
  3. PayPal is the most flexible and simpler for one-off donations, but has the highest charges: 9% (45p) on a £5 donation, falling to 3.5% (£1.75) on a £50 donation.

We're one of the smallest NGOs around yet we've punched way above our weight and put road building firmly in the spotlight. This takes a lot of time and resources, so if you can, please help us to continue to challenge the Government's obsession with car based development during a climate and ecological emergency.

Current funders

We are primarily funded by the Foundation for Integrated Transport, a charity set up by Dr Simon Norton in 2014 to make transport better for people and the environment.

We Have The Power, an Environmental Trust set up for the purpose of supporting and promoting inspiring ideas, products, businesses and campaigns that will help tackle the Climate & Ecological Crisis, has generously supported our roads campaign work.

Lush Cosmetics have kindly funded our regional networking from their Charity Pot money.

We have also been generously supported by other funders and many individuals.


We are lucky to have the support of other organisations.

Our website was designed and built by A Better Planet. They provide branding, marketing and  communications for organisations trying to reduce their impact on the planet. From grassroots campaigns, to charities, through to NGOs and businesses pioneering sustainable products and practices.