This page lists any significant consultations that people might wish to respond to.  At present there’s a lot going on so please take a look and help out where you can:

Lower Thames Crossing – Highways England is holding a supplementary consultation until 23:59 on Thursday, 2 April.  Find out more from Thames Crossing Action Group and / or sign the Woodland Trust’s petition. (This is a new deadline extended because of the cancellation of four consultation events due to coronavirus).

England’s Economic Heartland (EEH) – draft Transport Strategy developmentEEH is consulting on a technical document, its Integrated Sustainability Appraisal (ISA), which is meant to provide guidance to help develop the region’s draft Transport Strategy.  The problem is the ISA is woefully inadequate to do the job, failing to acknowledge important environmental and social impacts and is not even up to date on climate change.  The consultation is open until Wednesday, 8 April and you can find our response here.

Scrap dangerous ‘smart motorways’This petition started by Ryan Ridgway, a lorry driver, is calling on Highways England and Grant Shapps to scrap ‘smart’ motorways.  In the petition he says: “Please sign this in support of bringing back hard shoulders. Must we really compromise our safety just to try get somewhere a little faster? Removing hard shoulders to try ease congestion is not safe. Put them back please to prevent more accidents!”.