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This page lists any significant consultations or actions that people might wish to engage with, as well as how to report problems on the street:




Silvertown Tunnel, London:

A consultation into the tolls for when the Silvertown Tunnel opens runs from July 10th for 8 weeks. (you can email responses to TC-yourview@tfl.gov.uk).

Please support the Stop the Silvertown Tunnel Coalition by using this opportunity to make objections in your own words along these lines:

□ We oppose opening the Silvertown to general traffic, with or without a toll. It would undermine the Mayor's own climate and health strategies, and bring additional dangerous air pollution to Newham, London's most polluted borough.

□ We support opening the Silvertown Tunnel to public transport, cargo bikes, and active travel exclusively, which will help to reduce carbon emissions and local pollution, instead of increasing it. This can be done if general traffic is excluded from Silvertown.

□ We oppose an isolated new toll on Blackwall and Silvertown, which forces East and South East Londoners to pay for a previously free crossing, to remove new pollution that is being imposed on them by this new scheme.

□ Congestion could be addressed by a fair, secure, London-wide road charging based on vehicle CO2, NOZ and PM emissions. Unlike the tunnel project, this would help to achieve the Mayor’s own goal of a 27% reduction in traffic to reach climate targets.

More details on the scheme are in the letter on the Stop the Silvertown Tunnel Coalition website.


Please get in touch if you think there is a major consultation we should have listed here. Thanks.

ACTIONS and Petitions

Demand a Roads Review: Write to your MP calling for the Government to carry out an independent roads review as recommended by the Climate Change Committee. The letter can be edited to personalise your response.

Help save the Wensum Valley and sign the petition against the Norwich Western Link road.

Call for more rural buses - Please sign and share this CPRE petition calling for a reliable bus service for every community. They want to reduce social isolation and traffic, making travel possible to and from the countryside for those without a car.

Stop Highways England's wrecking ball - Please sign and share The Historical Railways Estate Group's petition to stop National Highways demolishing or infilling old railway bridges and tunnels, many of which could be needed for re-opening railways or creating new walking and cycling routes.

Reporting problems

Reporting defects, blocked paths, or poor maintenance: If you come across potholes, poor or missing signage, blocked pavements or cycle paths, abandoned bikes, etc, or vegetation out of control, we recommend using the app FixMyStreet as this will send your complaint through to the correct authority. This is especially helpful where the responsible authority may not be obvious. Get it on your phone and it will allow the app to automatically locate the problem (if you give it permission). You can also submit photos and add to existing complaints.

If you're on National Highways' network you can make your comment direct if you prefer. You can also see National Highways' response to recent reports.