This page lists any significant consultations that people might wish to respond to.  At present there’s a lot going on so please take a look and help out where you can:

A27 Arundel Bypass – Highways England is holding another consultation on this road after admitting that it has made yet more errors in the consultation it held last year.  That consultation was a rerun of a previous consultation after Highways England was faced with the threat of two Judicial Reviews over the inaccurate and misleading information it had presented to the public.  The latest consultation ends on 11:59pm, Sunday, 1 March 2020.

Lower Thames Crossing – Highways England is holding a supplementary consultation until 23:59 on Wednesday, 25 March.  Find out more from Thames Crossing Action Group and / or sign the Woodland Trust’s petition.

Attack on our right to protest? – The Government is currently consulting on plans to criminalise trespass, supposedly aimed at stopping Gypsies, Roma and Travellers from camping on land.  Sometimes this can happen in the wrong places but there are laws to deal with this.  However, George Mombiot is concerned that the way the questions are framed in the consultation could be used to justify going much further and could criminalise walking or camping on any private land.  That could then criminalise any public protest such as against fracking or road building.  It would be a huge attack on our civil liberties and freedoms and therefore it is important people respond to the consultation to say so.  The consultation closes at 11:59pm, Wednesday, 4 March, 2020.

Scrap dangerous ‘smart motorways’This petition started by Ryan Ridgway, a lorry driver, is calling on Highways England and Grant Shapps to scrap ‘smart’ motorways.  In the petition he says: “Please sign this in support of bringing back hard shoulders. Must we really compromise our safety just to try get somewhere a little faster? Removing hard shoulders to try ease congestion is not safe. Put them back please to prevent more accidents!”.  At the time we updated the website, he already had over 170,000 signatures and rising fast.

Stop Silvertown Tunnel Coalition are urging candidates standing for election onto the Greater London Assembly to pledge to pause and review the road tunnel if they are elected. The tunnel will lock in car use and increase air pollution. In particular, they are urging members of the Labour Party who are currently voting on who their candidates will be to pick candidates opposed to the tunnel.  Stop Silvertown Tunnel Coalition say that to date the following Labour candidates have pledged to pause and review the tunnel: The list: Elly Baker, Sakina Sheikh, Liam Young, Preston Tabios, Murad Qureshi, Sem Moema, North East: Sem Moema, Sara Hyde, Emine Ibrahim, Lambeth & Southwark: Shahina Jaffer, Maurice McLeod, Marina Ahmad, Havering and Redbridge: Andrew Achilleos, Angelina Leatherbarrow, Judith Garfield. Please use your votes wisely.