This page lists any significant actions or consultations that people might wish to engage with:


e-bike Action – write to your MP!  The government has pledged to ‘create a new era for cycling and walking’ but we need an incentive scheme for e-bikes to really make this happen (it is planning one for e-cars and similar schemes already exist in other countries). This is a national campaign started by Oxford Friends of the Earth, so please find a few spare moments to write to your MP today using their template letter. Please promote this through your networks and organisations. With your help this could become a reality. More info on their website.

Open Consultations


Comprehensive Spending Review: The Treasury is currently asking for ideas on future spending. It’s a chance to say how you’d like your money spent and what you don’t want it wasted on (new roads for example). We’ve produced some suggestions to help you press the Government to #buildbackbetter after the Covid pandemic, and to help transport reach net-zero carbon. The Treasury has produced guidance on how to respond and the one-question survey is easy to fill in. (We’re currently seeing if people can respond via email). The deadline for submissions is 24th September 2020

Highway Code Review: The Government is currently consulting on a review of the Highway Code to improve safety for cyclists, pedestrians and horse riders. The consultation ends at midnight on 27 October, 2020

Planning for the future: Government consultation on changing the planning system. The consultation ends at 11:45pm on 29 October 2020

Managing Pavement Parking: Government consultation on whether legislation on pavement parking should change. The consultation ends at midnight on 22 November, 2020

Regional / Scheme

England’s Economic Heartland draft Transport Strategy: EEH is holding a 12 week consultation running from 14 July – 6 October 2020.  Well put our thoughts here once we’ve had a read of the documents.

Transport for West Midlands: TfWM is holding a consultation on an enhanced bus partnership for the West Midlands. The consultation closes midnight, 13 September, 2020

Please get in touch if you think there is a major consultation we should have listed here. Thanks.