Radical reform of Welsh bus services

Photo: / Ceri Breeze Three quarters of all public transport journeys in Wales are made by bus and approximately 80% of bus users do not have access to a car. This highlights the importance of the bus in providing choice and opportunities for everyone. Yet, bus service availability has decreased by 19% in the last decade while fares have risen sharply. The reality for many people who rely on these services is one of daily worry and stress. In...

Speak to your candidates about a better future

The local elections on the 5th May are an excellent opportunity to show candidates how important safer streets, cleaner air and better public transport are to you. They will be...

Spring Statement: It could have been worse

(but it could have been so much better) The Spring Statement (or mini-budget) announced by Rishi Sunak contained few surprises in the end as he struck a cautious note on Government finances. The predicted 5p cut in fuel duty was announced to great fanfare but in reality will make little...

Rethinking ‘Smart’ Motorways

After years of relentless campaigning by Smart Motorways Kill and bereaved families, the Government has finally postponed the rollout of some new ‘Smart’ Motorways whilst 5-years of safety data is gathered. This pause gives the Government the opportunity to fix failings in the planning process that have allowed Smart Motorways...


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Cut fares not services!

Over the last decade, the Government has reduced fuel duty year on year so that motoring costs have fallen in real terms, even with recent fuel price rises. In comparison, it has raised rail fares above inflation for nearly every year since 2010. Meanwhile, the increase in traffic caused by...

The “carbon neutral roads” con

The controversies surrounding carbon-offsetting are likely to be a big feature of the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow. Governments are desperately looking for ways to carry on increasing emissions with a ‘business as usual’ approach, whilst pretending this can be ‘balanced out’ elsewhere with offsetting schemes. The same tricks are...

Tell Rishi Sunak to stop funding RIS2

The £27 billion RIS2 roads programme is under pressure like never before. With your help we can give it a big nudge to push it over the edge. The Treasury is asking for your views on priorities for the Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR), which will set out Government spending for the...