Vote of no confidence represents a new low for democracy in Wales

The Deputy Minister for Climate Change Lee Waters, has survived a vote of no confidence by 42 votes to 16 following a motion submitted by the Welsh Conservatives. The motion represents a new low for the ‘personalisation of politics’ in Wales.

Rhian Nowell-Phillips roads and climate campaigner for TAN Cymru highlighted that the confidence vote had been the culmination of a negative campaign which went far beyond changes to the speed limit in restricted areas, saying:

“This concerted and negative campaign has brought out the worst in people who have subjected the Deputy Minister and other Members of the Senedd to personal abuse and verbal attacks whilst discharging their manifesto commitments through the proper democratic process.

“Senedd members from across the Chamber expressed deep concern at the way the Conservatives campaign against the 20mph limits had used populist rhetoric which was described as “dangerous and reckless” during the Senedd debate [1].

“In welcoming the result of the vote, TAN Cymru congratulates the Deputy Minister and the Welsh Government for standing by its net zero commitments and for its continuing support for the 20mph limits which will benefit Wales and its future generations”

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Notes to Editors

[1] Welsh Conservatives debate on 20mph


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