Politicians must ignore the noise to realise the 20mph changes in Wales

TAN Cymru is welcoming the rollout of 20mph limits in Wales which has shown real progress in its first week [1]. This is despite the high levels of scaremongering and misinformation that has been propagated on social media.

Now the Welsh Conservatives’ have called for a motion for a no confidence vote in Deputy Minister for Climate Change Lee Waters for implementing a measure that a majority of Senedd Members supported. They have helped create confusion amongst drivers about the reality of the 20mph changes.

TAN Cymru spokesperson Rhian Nowell-Phillips said:

“The use of emotive language and describing the changes as a ‘blanket approach’ which it clearly isn’t [2], is unhelpful at best, or dishonest at worst. It appears to be part of a wider campaign to undermine the Welsh Government’s ambitious plans to tackle inequality and climate change.”

TAN Cymru is also concerned that the Senedd petition to abolish the 20mph speed limit roll-out [3] exposes how the system can be gamed:

  • There doesn’t appear to be any checks on the factual accuracy of the petition, so potentially misleading petitions such as the 20mph one can be circulated
  • There appear to be no measures to ensure people cannot vote more than once
  • There appear to be no measures to ensure only people in Wales can vote

Rhian Nowell-Phillips went on to say that:

“Despite the huge number of petition signatures, there are serious questions as to how genuine a reflection it is of public opinion. In reality, the most recent poll by Redfield & Winfield Strategies, found that 46% of people supported the Welsh Government’s 20 mph policy compared to 34% who didn’t”. [4]

“Change is always hard, but the politicking around the new 20mph legislation has caused real confusion. This is clouding people’s understanding of the real benefits they will see. These include improved road safety and better health through increased active travel opportunities.”

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Notes to Editors

[1] Wales 20MPh Impact Analysis

[2] Welsh Government FAQs

[3] Senedd Cymru Petition

[4] Redfield & Wilton Strategies 20mph poll


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