And we’ve launched!

Thank you SO much to you all for your donations. Each and every one has brought us closer to our target. In fact thanks to your amazing generosity, by the end of our first day (by happy coincidence the 50th Earth Day) we raised a THIRD of our initial costs.


At a time of unprecedented uncertainty, when many are worried about their jobs and the economy, that’s incredible. What we are hearing from the many supportive comments is that people don’t want the current road building madness to continue or for the pain of the current crisis to be for nothing. This is backed by a new survey showing the majority of the public are cherishing the cleaner air while only 9% want a return to “normal”.

We have also been bowled over by the excellent media coverage of our case, including The Guardian, Forbes, The Times (£) and The Telegraph (£). Leading NGOs like Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace and CPRE have tweeted their support, recognising the huge importance of this case for our climate and our countryside. Perhaps most importantly of all, the Committee on Climate Change has explicitly come out against road-building, having previously focused on the roll out of electric cars.

Finally just as we were about to send this, our lawyers told us the Department for Transport has asked for an extra week to respond. This is the second time in days it’s had to ask for more time! It shows the strength of our legal case and the rapidly growing public opposition to Road Investment Strategy 2.

We are tremendously grateful for your support. Please continue to share our appeal with your friends, family and colleagues. This will help us raise the remaining costs we need to serve legal papers by May.

Thank you.


Photo: Shutterstock – a mass of concrete and tarmac devouring our countryside


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