Stop A27 Arundel Bypass

Statutory CONSULTATION ON A27 Arundel Bypass

The planned A27 Arundel Bypass is a hugely destructive, costly, eight-kilometre, dual carriageway which would wreck three villages and harm rare and protected wildlife.  Most of the traffic is only travelling a short distance, much of which could be transferred to walking, cycling and public transport with proper investment.

You can help STOP this damaging scheme by responding to the consultation by 8th March (by email, or filling in Question 8 of the online feedback form): stating ‘I object to the whole scheme’ and give one or more reasons in your own words.

Some of the scheme’s impacts:

  • Increased traffic and carbon emissions when we desperately need to reduce car miles because of the Climate Emergency (what’s happened to taking action after COP26?)
  • Loss and blight of people's homes and livelihoods
  • Loss of protected wildlife, rare habitats and ancient landscapes
  • Destruction of villages and communities
  • Negative impacts on health of children, the elderly and vulnerable
  • Damage to the environment, countryside, heritage and listed buildings, and the setting of the South Downs National Park
  • Not meeting future transport requirements or needs of people without cars
  • High costs and poor value for money

You can also respond by email on  Make sure you include your name and postal address. Don't forget the deadline for responding is the 8th March, 2022.

Find out more from the local campaign groups fighting this scheme and follow them on Facebook and Twitter:

STOP the ARUNDEL BYPASS – SAB Alliance of local groups: Arundel Bypass Neighbourhood Committee; Arundel SCATE; Binsted Village; Walberton Friends & Neighbours

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