Register now!

Registration has opened for the examination into the A46 Newark Bypass in the Midlands. It is important to register (which is quick and easy to do) as it shows the inspectors there is opposition to the scheme. It also shows them what the most controversial issues are and what they need to grill National Highways about during the examination.

Even if you have no intention of speaking or submitting further evidence to the examination you should register. If you don’t, you lose your opportunity to participate in the examination, or to show your opposition. The deadline is 14 July.

When you register/object (on the Planning Inspectorate website), focus your comments on what you consider to be the main issues, including as much detail as possible.

Points to include

Feel free to use or adapt any of the points below. There doesn't appear to be a word limit so you can write as much, or as little, as you like.

  • I object to the proposed A46 Newark Bypass scheme.
  • It would increase traffic, air pollution and carbon emissions.
  • National Highways state that air pollution will worsen with the scheme: “The results indicate there is a net worsening in air quality as a result of the Scheme in the opening year and forecast year. The worsening is primarily due to an increase in annual traffic movements due to increased capacity delivered by the Scheme, and an overall increase in vehicle kilometres travelled.” (5.5.5 of the Case for the Scheme)
  • The construction alone would increase carbon emissions by 143,887 tCO2 in the crucial 5th Carbon Budget, when we have to make the fastest and most significant cuts.
  • The operation of the scheme would increase carbon by an additional 539,312 tCO2e over its 60 year lifetime.
  • The scheme would cost £686 million, but delivers low value for money. National Highways estimate it will only generate £1.20 of benefits for every £1 spent. 


Further information

Air Quality chapter of the Environmental Statement (ES).

Transport Assessment contains all the important transport / road safety data.

The Case for the Scheme contains their justification for the scheme, and all the key facts.

The NNNPS Accordance Tables says if the scheme conforms to national policy against which the scheme is assessed. 

Scheme Design Report will show what the scheme could look like. 

The Climate chapter of the ES shows 143,887 tCO2 in construction, and 539,312 tCO2e for 60-yr operation.

Noise and vibration chapter of the ES.

Non Technical Summary (NTS) of the ES.