Can Local Transport Plans get Britain moving?

Low Traffic Future is an alliance set up by Transport Action Network in 2022. It aims to promote the benefits of less motor traffic. In this post, Edward Lamb shares what the alliance achieved in 2023 and how you can get involved.


Well, 2023 was an exciting year for Low Traffic Future! As well as working with our members to achieve change we delivered a series of in-person events around England.

The aim of our workshops was to demonstrate the pivotal role Local Transport Plans (LTPs) can have in shaping sustainable transport networks in England. In short, a Low Traffic Future!

Local Transport Plans

Local Transport Plans (LTPs) are statutory documents. They set out how transport in local and combined authorities will be maintained and improved over a period of time.

With many local authorities updating their LTPs, now is the perfect time to press them to strengthen their ambitions for a low traffic future. This will help ensure they have strong plans for sustainable and healthy travel in your area.

Our events were designed to be as interactive as possible. Each was well attended and we kicked things off with presentations tailored to each area, delivered by local campaigners and local authority officers. These set the scene for what followed where everyone had the opportunity to take part, share their knowledge and learn from each other.

Active participation was encouraged to allow for the exchange of ideas and grassroots initiatives.

How you can get involved

It’s clear from our events and research around existing LTPs that, while many authorities talk the talk we need to see action – and fast! That’s where our alliance aims to help.

The notes and presentations from these workshops, each with different speakers, are well worth reading! We’ve handily made these available to all via our website, so please do feel free to dive in and share the learnings yourself.

Attendees were encouraged to take copies of our summary guide for Local Transport Plans and share them with their local officers and decision makers!

Missed the events? Don’t stress! You can download copies of both our summary and full guides right here. If you’d like some physical copies to distribute, just drop us a line.

The collaborative efforts, innovative solutions, and community involvement showcased during these events reflected the collective determination to create greener, more accessible towns, villages and cities.

We are very grateful to all who contributed to the discussions and ideas at these workshops.
Our vision is a world with clean air, safe streets, vibrant communities, a stable climate and healthy natural environment for future generations. If you’d like to join the alliance then simply fill out the form on our website.


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