Building Better, Building Beautiful Commission

Living with Beauty (January 2020)

Campaign for Better Transport (campaign guides and research)

COVID-19 Recovery, Renewing the transport system (July 2020)

CBT summary note about local authorities’ legal duties re public transport

Lawyers note regarding local authorities’ duties re public transport

Road Campaigner’s Guide

Save our Buses Campaign Pack

Research Papers

Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE)

The end of the road? Challenging the road-building consensus (March 2017)

Chartered Institute for Highways & Transportation (CIHT)

Better Planning, Better Transport, Better Places (August 2019)

Buses in Urban Developments (January 2018)

Planning for Cycling (October 2014)

Planning for Walking (April 2015)

Commission on Travel Demand

All Change? The future of travel demand and the implications for policy and planning (May 2018)

Committee on Climate Change

Reducing UK emissions – 2020 Progress Report to Parliament (June 2020)

Net Zero The UK’s contribution to stopping global warming (May 2019)

Reducing UK emissions – 2019 Progress Report to Parliament (July 2019)

UK Housing: Fit for the Future? (February 2019)

CREDS – University of Leeds

A new green shovel? Options for the transport stimulus package (June 2020)

e-bike carbon savings – how much and where? (May 2020)

Cycling UK

Various policy briefings available on all things cycling

Friends of the Earth (policy briefings)

Making transport fit for the Climate Emergency (January 2021)

Legal briefing on Heathrow Judgement (Feb 2020)

Transforming transport funding to meet our climate targets (November 2019)

A radical transport response to a climate emergency (October 2019)

An Eco Levy for driving (October 2019)

A net zero carbon budget for the whole transport sector (June 2019)

Faster, Deeper and Fairer Carbon Pollution Cuts Needed (June 2019)

Getting the Department for Transport on the right track (May 2019)

Segregated cycleways and e-bikes – the future of urban travel (April 2019)

Planning for less car use (February 2019)

More than electric cars (February 2019)

Transforming Public Transport (February 2019)

Green Alliance

Blueprint for a resilient economy (June 2020)

They have also produced reports on a range of environmental issues

Greener Journeys

Greener Journeys produce a lot of useful reports on carbon, congestion and bus services, which can be viewed on their website

Healthy New Towns Project (commissioned by NHS England)

Putting Health into Place: Executive Summary (September 2019)

Putting Health into Place: Principles 1-3: Plan, Assess and Involve (September 2019)

Putting Health into Place: Principles 4-8: Design, Deliver and Manage (September 2019)

Independent Transport Commission

The shape of changing bus demand in England (January 2020)

Living Streets

Various policy briefings are available, including research on the value of the pedestrian pound

Local Government Association

It has produced seven briefings, with input from the University of Leeds, on how to decarbonise transport

National Infrastructure Commission

National Infrastructure Assessment (July 2018)

Place Alliance

A Housing Design Audit for England (January 2020)

Science and Technology Committee

Clean Growth: Technologies for meeting the UK’s emissions reduction targets (August 2019)


Active Travel Toolkit – Linking active travel and public transport to housing growth and planning

Other research papers are also available

Transport Action Network

Hammersmith Bridge Open Letter (August 2020) – (published jointly with others)

Stop Digging Report (June 2020) – (Silvertown Tunnel – published jointly with others)

Letter to Grant Shapps about roads (March 2020)

A Climate Emergency Plan for Transport – A Guide to Local Authority Action (March 2020)

Flowchart showing planning timetable for Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects

Transport & Environment

Company cars: how European governments are subsidising pollution and climate change (October 2020)

The plug-in hybrid con (September 2020)

Transport for New Homes

Checklist for new housing developments

Transport for Quality of Life

The carbon impact of the national roads programme (July 2020)

They have produced a wealth of other policy research papers on sustainable transport and climate change

Transport Planning Society

State of the Nations: Transport Planning for a Sustainable Future (October 2020)


Rebuilding after recession: a plan for jobs (June 2020)

Tyndall Centre (University of Manchester)

The Tyndall Carbon Budget Tool

UK Government

Gear Change: a bold vision for cycling and walking (July 2020)

Decarbonising Transport: Setting the Challenge (March 2020)

2018 National Travel Survey Factsheets

2018 National Travel Survey

Annual bus statistics 2017/18

Urban Transport Group

Active Travel Resources

Bus Resources

Freight resources

They also have briefings on other topics